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Class Descriptions                               


Full Body Blast



Circuit-style training that will challenge your entire body through both strength and conditioning exercises. Body Blast is for those looking to build strength, improve endurance, tone and lose weight! Our interval method ensures a friendly and inviting atmosphere for all levels- the only person you’re competing against is yourself!

Upper Body Sculpt

Here we’ll strengthen your core, chest, arms, back and shoulders while also working on muscular and cardiovascular endurance. We’ll do that by mixing up the rep range, rest intervals and even throwing in some “active rest” between strength exercises.

Lower Body Sculpt

One of our favourite gym quotes sums up this class: YOU CAN'T SPELL LEGENDARY WITHOUT LEG DAY. Here we focus on strengthening the lower half through resistance training and plyometric, conditioning, and bodyweight exercises. As always, we like to throw in some variety with the work-rest ratios and add in some “finisher” exercises to ensure that the heart is pumping while we stimulate muscle growth and strength!

Breakfast Program

Wake up energized with our Breakfast Program! These AM classes are all you need for a comprehensive fitness regimen. This progressive program will improve your cardiovascular capacity, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and body composition. Moreover, the intimacy of the morning permits advanced movements and more one-on-one coaching.



FMS= Friday Mobility and Strength. End your week right with a strength and mobility session! Here we'll concentrate on the movement by using different tempos, rep and set schemes; as well as mix in activation and mobility drills to ensure that we're relying on the right muscles when we move and that we can move in the fullest range of motion possible. Our goal is to gain strength and function with this class! 


Unwind and recharge after a long week. This yoga class incorporates balance, flexibility, strength and core movements to guide you towards calmness and mental clarity, while also improving your physical well-being. You'll leave this class feeling rejuvenated and walking a little taller; ready to take on the next week!