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Senior fitness

Master's Program
Winter 2020
Day 1: Upperbody Strength - Mondays @ 10am
Day 2: Lowerbody Strength - Tuesdays @ 10am
Day 3: Aerobic + mobility -  Thursdays @ 11am
Our Master's Program is for those over 60 years old that are interested in improving their strength and mobility.
All sessions are 1-hour in length. Sessions will be focusing on strength exercises, fall prevention, cardiorespiratory and mobility exercises. Warm-ups and cool-downs will incorporate gentle mobility and flexibility movements.



Many of our participants are members of our "mother" community, the Tai Chi Kung Fu Centre.
Adding strength training to your Tai Chi practice will amplify the benefits of your exercise routine, such as improve functional strength, flexibility, bone mass and density; lower blood pressure and reduce symptoms associated with chronic illnesses like osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes and heart disease.

Spring Program starting May!