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October Client of the Month

Darlene first came to us through her friend, Cortina Jones. Cortina found us on Facebook in the dead of winter, and wanted to do some running-specific training in anticipation of the upcoming outdoor running season. To make it more fun, she convinced one of her running buddies and fellow colleague Darlene to join her.

These two clicked with the coaches instantly: Darlene with her love of sports, and Cortina with food (*cough* bribes *cough*). Throughout their weekly sessions, Darlene also came to as many classes as she could-- including the 6:15am Breakfast Clubs! Despite some lingering injuries, she still showed up and worked hard. When she traveled (which was to a bunch of cool places #vicarioustraveljealousy), she remained active with hikes and the more-than-occasional stops for push-ups-- note the photo-evidence.

Eventually Darlene started dragging bringing some of her friends and family to the gym. Working out with others is not only more fun, but also keeps you motivated and accountable-- plus, everyone at TriForce got the pleasure of welcoming some pretty awesome people to our family (looking at you Steph, Elizabeth, Ellen and Isabelle!).

Overall, Darlene has been very consistent and incredibly hard-working since the day she started, and is one of the gym’s best advocates (we LOVE the shameless TriForce plugs in team volleyball emails) ….which is why Darlene was chosen as the winner for the September 6-month membership giveaway!!

Thank you for your sweat and support! Here's to another 6-months together :)

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