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Take a hike, strategically drink that water & "No"-vember

Physical- Take a hike!

Did you know that November 17th is National Take a Hike Day?

….well in the US anyways. But we should take some advice from our Southern neighbours- on hiking at least hehe! Hiking has a plethora of overall health benefits. Physically it improves cardiovascular and muscular fitness, lowers the risk of high blood pressure, cholesterol and various cancers while supporting bone density. Mentally, hiking reduces stress and symptoms of depression and improves mood-- especially when you hike with good company! Lucky for us, this month will also provide us with beautiful scenery-- vibrant leaf colours or wonderful snowflakes!

We’re going to follow our own advice this Sunday, November 12th with a “walk and squat” hike. Send us a message to get more info on how you can join our Take a Hike Day celebration! :)

Nutrition- Strategically Drink that Water

Remember last month when we talked about the importance and benefits of drinking lots of water during the day? [link to last tip somewhere here]

We’re going to build off that tip to cater to the next big impending holiday season because, as we’re sure you’ve heard, the holiday weight gain- though more robust in already overweight/ obese individuals- is real. In fact, this weight gain over the 6-week holiday season accounts for over half of the whole year’s gain!

In general, staying hydrated can ward off craving and false hunger signals (think stress eating); however, studies have found that consuming 300-500mL of water 30min before a meal prevents over-eating and improves the satiety “I’m comfortably full” response-- which can help you beat the 1-5lb weight gain some experience over the holiday season. Moreover, this hydration can also help with nutrient absorption-- a win-win!

Mental- “No”-vember

October was a month to focus on spending time with people, and November is a month to remember just that-- spend time WITH people, not FOR people.

The holidays come with a long to-do list. A way to keep your sanity is to keep that to-do list manageable-- which means you need to add “No” to your vocabulary. Spreading yourself too thin can not only cause unnecessary stress and anxiety, but it can also prevent you from doing everything you want, how you want (for you or others) or appropriately completing all of your tasks-- plus it can soak up all that “free” time you had set aside for spending time with loved ones to help lower your stress! Not a fun situation for you or others involved.

Moral of the story, if someone asks you to do something and you know you will not be able to complete it without compromising somewhere else (your health being #1 priority):

  1. Don’t respond on the spot. Say “I’ll get back to you” and check your schedule.

  2. Either respectfully decline or offer to help within your means- which could mean saying “I don’t think I’m the best person for this, have you tried ____?”

  3. Breathe, setting your boundaries is good for you and even better for those around you.

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