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December Client of the Month

Meet Kyra.

If you’ve been in one of our classes, you know that she’s one hard-working lady. Every class she pushes herself to her max with a smile on her face. What’s even better? She never says no.

“Hey Kyra, try the 40lbs dumbbells instead.”

“Hey Kyra, add a jump at the top.”

“Hey Kyra, here’s a weighted vest to wear throughout the workout.”

(^ funny story, our vest was a tad bulky on her, so she brought her own next class!)

Moreover, she is always the one to keep us on track. To our pleasure (and sometimes other’s dismay hehe), Kyra is the first one to let us know if we missed an interval, skipped an exercise, have another round or even have enough time for a bonus activity.

And, if you’ve been lucky, you’ve met her precious new son, in one of our classes. Now, he’s just like his mom and knows that working out is important, so he stays calm as can be throughout the entire class; enjoying the loud music, watching people throw heavy balls, and checking the form of the folks right in front of him.

How can a newborn be so calm in an intense class? Well, that’s because he endured many classes before he was born! Kyra kept up with her workout routine (and the occasional soccer match with her older son, up until 3 weeks before giving birth-- and she was back in the saddle about 4 weeks afterwards! In such a short amount of time, Kyra has already gained a lot of her strength back.

Truly an inspiration.

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