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January At-Home Workout

The small victories are what win you the big battles. Just taking the first step towards a healthier lifestyle is a victory within itself, though sometimes you need a reminder that you DO have the potential to reach your goals, despite setbacks. In fact, sometimes failing is exactly what you need to move forward.

This workout is called “Set by Set” with a style that we at TriForce lovingly call “Failure +1”.

It’s simple: There are 3 pairings: A1 & A2, B1 & B2, and C1 & C2. Perform each #1 exercise to failure-- that’s right, do as many as you possibly can. Then perform the #2 exercise for 30sec. In the next round, match the numbers of reps you did and then add 1 rep, no excuses. If you need to take a rest partway through the reps, take it, then resume to get to your new goal.

For example: If you get 10 push-ups in the first round, you must do 11 reps in the second, then 12, and then 13 reps to finish-- taking as many breaks as you need to reach the rep goal. For this pair, you’ll be doing 30sec of high knees in between each push-up.

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