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Sasha: January Client of The Month

Lightning fast Kung Fu master now with crazy strength-- yeah, she’s the one in class straight pressing 75-85lbs. All we can say is, don’t get on her bad side.

Sasha was one of TriForce’s original crew members, joining our fam in Fall 2015. With her crazy schedule of working with kiddos all day and teaching them Kung Fu at night (plus her own training on the side), Sasha has still managed to be a faithful Tues UB-Thurs LB and Sunday WoW goer; honestly, we can almost count on one hand the number of her regular classes that she’s missed.

And boy, it shows.

She’s gained strength

She’s improved endurance

She’s reduced pre-existing injury pain

And within a few months, she was commenting that her winter clothes were too big for her.

And now she needs a belt for her newest-bought pair of yoga pants.

Needless to say, Sasha is yet another inspiring TriForcer that we’re lucky to have in our family.

Stay tuned for her next success, and be sure to join in on her next dance break-- heaven knows Brooke and Jenn won’t be leading one!

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