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March Client of the Month: Carole

Now, what can we say about Carole?

Let’s try an acrostic poem to sum up our love for one of the original TriForcers:

C= Committed- her results in our most recent 6-week fat loss program speak for themselves: 10lbs lost and strength and conditioning gained!

A= Amicable- one of THE nicest people we have ever met. She makes everyone feel welcomed.

R=Reassuring- she always offers words of encouragement to fellow TriForcers

O= Optimistic- honestly, it’s hard to find Carole without a smile on her face and a positive attitude!

L=Liberal- She keeps her mind open, which makes her one of our go-to “guinea pigs” for new exercises and protocols!

E=Energizing- Carole always gives her best in class, despite how she felt when she came in, leaving both her and the coaches on a “high” afterwards.

… if only her name was longer! :P

As we celebrate Carole as our client of the month, Carole is enjoying her daughter’s March Break in a tropical destination-- and asked for a travel plan to keep up her awesome momentum! A well-deserved vacation.

We’re looking forward to making and breaking more goals with you when you get back!


Now, we sure have a lot of love for Carole, and we’re lucky that this love is mutually shared! Check out what Carole thinks of TriForce here.

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