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WoM: Luck o' the Cards

Think you have the luck of the Irish?

Grab a deck of cards and a timer, and try out this tabata-style card game!

In case you missed our last tabata-style workout, tabata indicates that you will be doing an exercise as hard as you can for 20sec, then rest for 10sec. With this training protocol, you can get a great workout in as little as 4minutes. BUT, since we know our TriForcers are always game for some more intensity, we’ll be doing 4 rounds of 4-minute tabatas, switching between conditioning and strength options.

Here’s the game:

  • Grab 8 cards from a mixed deck--- DON’T PEEK.

  • Turn over the first card and check out which exercise you’ll be doing first (see below, for the first round we’ll be looking at Group A)

  • Start the timer, and get after it! Do the corresponding exercise for 20sec.

  • During your 10sec break, turn over the second card-- this is your next exercise.

  • Keep repeating until you are done all 8 cards (4 minutes).

  • Take a 60 sec break and then pick 8 more cards, this time we will be the corresponding exercises in Group B below.

  • Once your done your 8 cards, take a 60 sec break.

  • If you’re feeling up for it, try doing each group one more time, for a total of 4 rounds (only 19 minutes with breaks in between rounds!)

We hope you’re luckier than us--- we had 4 consecutive hearts in the first round, which means we had to do burpees 4 times in a row!

May the TriForce be with you ;)

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