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April Client of the Month: Renee

When we think of Renee, descriptors like “easygoing”, “free-spirited” and “kind-hearted” come to mind. Renee is truly a “glass half-full” type of gal, and can see the silver lining and growth opportunity in every situation (kind of like spring, eh?). Her Facebook page is about as progressive and inspirational as it gets, truly reflecting the positive, big-hearted, world-changing soul that she has. If you need confirmation, check out her new café: locally grown and made products supplemented with fair-trade items like coffee beans and chocolate—supporting environment sustainability, the community and world equality.

Despite her gentle complex, she is not to be messed with in the gym. We could always count on Renee to show up, with a smile, and work hard. When she couldn’t make a class, she would do one of our posted at-home workouts! Now that’s determination, working out right beside a comfy couch.

Sadly, Renee has moved even farther from us, making it super tough to see her regularly at the gym-- though we have been fortunate that she’s been able to join us for some of our outdoor socials, like Tobogganing Tyranny. However, the distance has not kept us apart. Renee is one of our first guinea pigs to test online training, and she’s been INCREDIBLE.

Renee has been incredibly consistent completing her workouts, and even adding in her own mini-workouts and activities in between program days. She’s been gaining strength, improving her endurance and even dropping a few pounds and inches along the way!

We can’t say enough about Renee (see what she says about us here). A one-of-a-kind and a truly phenomenal person. Thank you for being a part of our TriForce community and lifting us all up!

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