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The Phoenix

Ah, Spring.

The days get longer, the sun gets a little hotter, the birds return and the plants start to bloom. To commemorate such a glorious season, we’ll be doing a workout inspired the “Phoenix”, a majestic mythical creature that can rise again from his own ashes. Instead of rising from our ashes, we’ll be rising from our sweat drops.

Ready? Let’s go.

As always, start with a 5-10min warm-up, be sure to include push-ups, squats and plank for this warm-up.

1. Max out on push-ups (incline your hands if need be).

2. Rest 60sec, then max out with squats (adding household items like a jug of water if desired).

3. Rest 60sec, then max out with a plank hold.

4. Rest 60sec, then perform the following:

6. Phew, okay, after all that demanding work, it’s time to shed that sweat and rise! Repeat your maxes for push-ups, squats and plank (Steps #1-3). We know you can do more than your first scores!

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