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September Spotlight: Hilda

If you didn’t know, we recently started a Master’s program for our mature community members. Our member spotlight, Hilda, is one of our originals who went through our 6-week pilot program earlier this year.

Like most of our Master’s crew, Hilda is also a member of the Tai Chi Kung Fu Centre next door and practices tai chi at least once a week, PRIOR to our Master’s classes. She came to us looking to strengthen her body to complement the flexibility and calmness that she gets with her regular tai chi practice—and we’d say that she’s been doing just fine. Remaining active in other faucets of life through gardening and walking, she added the two 1-hour strength sessions to her weekly schedule with ease and still brings a fun competitiveness with her husband, Anton, to each session.

She can now plank over a minute, squat #asstograss WITH weights (that keep getting heavier, we might add), crank out push-ups and stand like a stork for an impressive length of time. Really, we’re not surprised with her amazing progress. When learning different exercises, Hilda will practice the new movements at home so she can master them before the next class.

Now, as health coaches, Hilda’s hard work and physical abilities will always impress us, but it’s really her hilarious sarcasm, infectious laughter and overall kind-heartedness that makes her one of kind to have in class.

So next time you’re around the gym during the day, pop in and meet Hilda—you’ll be sure glad you did!

PS- we have a few spots left in our Master’s program that will run every Tuesday and Thursday, starting Tuesday, September12 2017. If you or someone you know may be interested in joining, let us know here!

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