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The Dirty-30 Workout

This is a 30-min down-and-dirty workout for this back-to-school-back-to-routine-busy-as-heck time. Start your timer and get ‘er done!

Warm-up: 5 min

(Transition/ rest= 60sec)

Workout 18 min

(Transition/ rest = 60sec)

Cool-down: 5 min

Grand total: 30 minutes!

We’ll be doing a quick warm up. Perform each exercise for 30sec, without break in between:

  1. March in place

  2. High knees

  3. Squat

  4. Squat to front kick

  5. Butt kick march

  6. Butt kicks

  7. Punch overhead

  8. Walk- out

  9. Plank

  10. Banana hold

Phew, now that the warm-up is done, rest 60 sec while you get acquainted with the workout. Each exercise is performed for 60sec, moving from one exercise IMMEDIATELY to the next. Once you’ve done each exercise once, rest for 60sec and repeat the exercises (with the rest at the end, of course) two more times for a total of 3 rounds (i.e. 3 times through each exercise).

  1. Reverse lunges

  2. Jumping jacks

  3. T-push-up: Push-up then rotate into a side push-up plank (making a “T”). Return hand to ground to do a push-up then repeat on the other side.

  4. Squat thrust: The best part of a burpee! In a top push-up position, step or jump your feet outside of your hands so you land in a low squat position.

  5. Spiderman plank: In a plank position, lift one knee up towards the outside of your elbow. Return then repeat on the other side.

WOO! In just a short 23 minutes, warm-up included, you’ve done a ton of work. Let’s do a mini-cooldown. Hold each stretch for 30sec. If you have time, we encourage you to hold each stretch for a little longer, and add in other stretching exercises.

  1. Chest/ Bicep stretch: clasp your hands behind you. Keeping your arms straight and fingers clasped, rotate your hands away from your body and then slowly raise your arms until your feel a gentle pull from your chest through your shoulders to your biceps.

  2. R Quad Stretch

  3. L Quad Stretch

  4. Downward dog

  5. Child’s pose

  6. R Twisted child’s pose: reach one arm across your body and through the “triangle” that your body and other arm make with the ground

  7. L Twisted child’s pose

  8. Cobra

  9. R glute stretch

  10. L glute stretch

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