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October Spotlight: The Tai Chi Trio

Kind, humble, passionate-- these are just a few descriptors that we hear about Danielle, Sako and Eric.

These three came to TriForce in the spring to build on their strong Tai Chi foundation and improve their overall strength. From day one, they've been dedicated-- and it shows!

They've seen awesome progress in their overall strength and conditioning (watch out Kung Fu guys :P). Not only do they consistently show up, but they really do put in the work. They never shy away from heavier weights, or the more advanced version of an exercise, particularly if it involves a partner... Friendly competition lights an incredible intensity in them, all with a smile on their face!

Though, friendly competition might be the wrong term... empowerment is a better choice because although they are pushing each other (and trust us, they REALLY push each other, it's awesome), they do so with the end goal of empowering one another and improving themselves-- which really is what it's all about.

When talking to Sue Arione, the co-leader of the Tai Chi Centre, she agreed when she commented on the Trio's Tai Chi competitions. Combined, they have over 50 years of Tai Chi experience, regularly teach the hundreds of students next door, and have been competing as a team together for about 10 years. Over the years, they've accumulated numerous golds and silvers at competitions all around the world (#badasses)-- but that's not why they compete. They compete to challenge and better themselves, to reveal their strengths and weaknesses and highlight areas to learn.

Now if that's not a noble perspective on life and it's obstacles, we don't know what is!

Their next competition is THIS Thanksgiving weekend down in Boston, MA, USA. Alongside the Tai Chi Trio, other TriForcers are also joining them in the Kung Fu and push hands portion, so be sure to give them your best if you see Danielle, Eric, Sako, Sasha and Olivier around the gym this week!

Truly, the Tai Chi TriFecta bring such positivity and energy to classes and we're so happy to have them part of our TriForce community. We wish them and the rest of the TriFrocers the best of luck down in Bean Town!


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