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TriForce Spotlight: Jim

Coach Jenn’s family, the Nedows, has always been an active one. Both parents, Wendy and Jim, were successful athletes in their youth in numerous sports from hockey to basketball to baseball. They passed the love for sports onto their children, with Jim coaching many of the kids’ sports throughout the years.

Maintaining his athleticism, Jim continues to play hockey today. With his hands-on job, he also stays active at work too. Because of this, he has never been one to go to a gym, until TRIFORCE.

As supportive parents, Jim and Wendy have been guinea pigs to everything that they can while living in a different province. One of the recent participations was our 8-week Fat Fighter’s group that started in October 2017.

Now, typically those who join our programs are local and attend a focused workout 1x a week along with nutrition coaching and their usual TriForce classes. However, this program was viable for online-only participation, so my dad could join.

And boy, did he join!

He followed our nutrition guide, habits and challenges to a “T”; started a regular at-home workout regime with our online training; and joined for every single Facebook LIVE workouts—all of which he continues to do today.

^^^We guess you could say his hard work paid off! In those short 8-weeks, Jim:

  • Lost 17 lbs

  • Lost 20 inches

  • Significantly improved his strength and conditioning

Not too shabby, not too shabby at all! And this is just the beginning-- good thing we got him a new belt and heavier weights for Christmas!

2018, here we come!


[Jenn]: Love you dad! Can’t wait to see what this 2018 holds for you! <3

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