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March Madness Workout: In like a lion-lamb!

You know what they say: in like a lion, out like a lamb (or vice versa).

But what if we came running into March like a lion-lamb?

Attacked the day while staying calm, cool and collected. Tested our physical prowess, while staying friendly to our joints. Absolutely crushing a workout, without disrupting the sleeping baby or the neighbour downstairs!

Boom: the lion-lamb workout.

Here, we have 4 pairings. The first exercise in each pairing is the LION [strength] exercise. We’ll be doing it for 12 reps. The second exercise is the lamb [low-impact cardio] exercise. We’ll be doing it for a full 30sec. For fun, try to go back and forth between the two exercises without any break, for 4 rounds. Rest ~60 sec then move to the next exercise.

To the see a demo of the exercises and/ or have company for the workout, be sure to follow us on Facebook! Coach Jenn and Grant will be testing out this workout in mid-March.

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