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April Spotlight: Louis

Life can be hectic and overwhelming.

With so many responsibilities and commitments, it can be difficult to find an outlet to relax and turn off your brain. Some turn to TV, some to friends and family, some to exercise, and others to activities like meditation and yoga.

The latter is where Louis falls.

A heavy metal enthusiast, he turns to TriForce yoga to relax.

“It helps me cope with stress and anxiety.”

And since starting, he has never missed a class. In fact, yoga has been such a staple in his life that he asked for a yoga mat for this past Christmas!

With that kind of commitment, Louis has been able to master some of his favourite yoga poses, like the headstand.

“Every time I use the mirror less and less for the headstand.” [^^we mean really, look at that flawless technique. Pointed toes and everything!]

He is always eager to learn how to take stretches and poses to the next level—but he respects and appreciates the process. Louis patiently listens and is never shy to inquire about the movements and holds to truly understand, right down to the associated breath.

But his commitment and passion to his yoga practice are just the tip of his motivating aura. Louis never fails to walk in to the studio with a big smile on his face and, although yoga is very much about inner self-connection, his incredibly calm demeanor and quiet positivity adds fantastic energy to our community, improving the practice of all who joins him.

We’re so grateful to have such wonderful folks like Louis.

Until next class,


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