August 2, 2019

August 2, 2019

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August 29, 2018

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Should I count my calories?

May 4, 2018

Indeed, calories are king when it comes to weight loss or weight gain.


To lose weight, you MUST consume less calories than you are expending. To gain weight, you MUST each more than you are expending. So, it makes sense to track your calorie intake then, right?


Err, yes and no.


Counting calories has been successfully used for millions of people-- no doubt that it works. But it is important to learn more about before determining if it is what you need right now.


The PROS of calorie counting


  • It teaches you about portion sizes (you’ll learn how to eyeball more appropriate servings)

  • It objectively shows you how much you’re actually consuming (many people are shocked by how much they eat when they start tracking their food or counting calories)

  • It keeps you accountable to the daily choices you make for food and exercise that can help modify lifestyle behaviour (ex: it teaches you that you need more calories on workout days

  • It can provide structure and routine, which can take the guesswork out of eating

  • It can help make you realize that eating certain “taboo” foods (like desserts, processed foods, etc) can be a part of your weight-loss journey.


The CONS of calorie counting:


  • It can be an extra burden and stress to constantly weigh, measure, track and calculate your food-- especially if you’re not the one cooking! I mean who wants to lug around a food scale?

  • If you find it tedious, it will be unsustainable

  • It can create an unhealthy relationship with food (ex: constantly thinking about your next meal, feelings of guilt/ stress/ anxiety if you overeat, fear of certain food groups)

  • It can be a justification for choosing lower nutrient dense foods (ex: desserts, chips, processed foods, etc) which can impact overall health

  • It can be wildly inaccurate*


*See here for an infographic on how inaccurate calorie counting is (up to 25% off!) and here on how inaccurate calculating your calori