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May Spotlight: Jacqueline

TriForce is just over 2.5 years old, and Jacqueline has been with us for almost 2 of those years!

Even though we had some sad moments when she moved away for a bit, we just knew that it was more of a “See you later” than a “Goodbye”.

“I love the interval training from the first class and can’t imagine not doing it.” And, as fate would have it, Jacqueline found her way back to us—and we are so grateful to have her back with us!

Jacqueline talks about how much she loves the TriForce community, how friendly everyone is. She is 10000% right, we have a fantastic community – and folks like Jacqueline are exactly why it’s so awesome.

Always smiling, always positive, always encouraging… and always up for a challenge! When confronted with a heavier weight or exercise progression, she gracefully accepts. It’s no wonder that she’s seen awesome gains. Within her first 10 months of starting, she lost two belt notches and gained some muscle!

When she started, her goals were to be strong and confident in her body, and we’d say she’s on the right track—especially since adding in yoga to her strength training regime. In fact, when reflecting on her proudest moments in the gym, falling in love with yoga is at the top.

“I have so much more core strength than I did, I’m proud of that!”

And rightfully so.

Promoting mindfulness and peace while gently stretching and strengthening your muscles is a cherry-on-top of high intensity strength training. Really, the perfect combo for a kicka$$ fitness regime to keep breaking those fitness and health goals! Being a talented editor and writer, you can learn more about her journey with yoga in her blog—the stages from frustration (which many kind find yoga at first) to the energizing and enjoyable experience it is now.

Because in the end, doing what makes you feel good is always the best. For us, it’s working out and zenning out with uplifting folks like Jacqueline!

Thank you for being such an amazing #TriForceFam member!

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