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Summer Lovin' Workout

After the long and cold winter we had, the sun (and occasional heatwave...) is WELCOME here in Canada. Which is why we have a quick n' dirty OUTDOOR workout for you guys this month.

You'll need:

- a great view (so get outta your house and hit the great outdoors!)

- a bench or chair (found in most parks)

- trees (for shade and some fun...)

Once you've completed a 5-10 min warm-up (a quick n' dirty example here), let's GO! This workout is 3 x 5 minutes rounds-- meaning it will take you just 15 minutes to do!

Perform each exercise for 40 sec, resting 20 sec between each exercise. Once you've done each exercise one time, try to move right into round 2 (i.e. only taking extra break if you ABSOLUTELY need it ;) ).


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