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TriForcer Spotlight: Natalie

We always talk about how much we love our TriForce family. The caring and support that our community shows one another is second to none. So, nothing makes us happier than when our #TriForceFam brings in their #ActualFam to our lil’ old gym.

And that’s exactly how we met Natalie.

“I always thought of myself as athletic, but I guess as I got older I stopped doing a lot of the sports that I had always done, several years ago I started waking up a little sore every morning, I found I was out of breath when I ran up a flight of stairs, and I realized that I could only get in and out of my kayak with great difficulty, I decided it was probably time to make a change. I joined a gym, paid a membership monthly and can count on one hand how many times I actually went during the year, so I joined a Zumba and Yoga Studio, went a bit more frequently, but was never really motivated to go, and usually chose to stay home instead of go to a class. Then one morning my daughter asked me to come along with her to work out at the little gym that her friend’s sister has, and the rest is history. Who would have thought that a 6:15 am workout was the thing I needed?”

Really though… not too many people think an early morning workout is what they need to keep kicking a$$.

And we mean kicking a$$.

We can count on one hand how many times Natalie has missed a morning workout (aside from when she wasn’t physically in town!). Not even injuries, late nights, long working days -with young, very energetic children- or her school summer vacation can keep her from her morning workouts!

And although she jokes that her impressive attendance due to the potential guilt of having our Breakfast Club Coaches get up early to an empty class, we know it’s because she’s a goal-getter and she’s HOOKED on her awesome progress.

“I don’t wake up sore and have actually managed turn my long walks into interval runs. I really enjoyed getting extra boosts the 8 week sessions, online and in person, and think the pointers and motivation have been great. Jenn, Grant and Brooke you guys are the best, I tell everyone who asks that they need to check out your little gym, I know they will not be disappointed.”

When asked about her proudest moments, she commented that she can’t have just one.

“It feels like I have come so far, now when I feel pain it’s I know it’s because I pushed myself doing squats, or presses, and I feel great kayaking, running, walking. I even joined a Dragon Boat Team.”

Even better, Natalie’s journey has come full-circle. Her daughter introduced her to us, and now she’s introduced her other two daughters. Spoiler alert: they’re all just as much fun and hard-working as Natalie—the apples did not fall far from the tree!

Natalie shows up, puts up and never says no to crazy workout formats, heavier weights and increased intensity --- and she does it all with a smile on her face! We can’t adequately express how grateful we are to have such a fun-loving, positive and energetic person in our crack-of-dawn fitness class. We’ll take her spirit to start the day off right over caffeine any day!

You ’re the best!

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