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TriForcer Spotlight: Nicole

“Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.”

-Thomas Wayne, Batman Begins (2005)

If you have ever met Nicole, you would know that she embodies the above quote-- truly, we consider her the Batgirl of our Triforce family.

Approximately 6 months ago, she came to us from the Roxboro community Centre’s Tai Chi program interested in our Master’s Program (a program for those 60 and over who are looking to build strength and improve endurance, flexibility and stability).

From Nicole’s first class, she was immediately hooked and found “it was a wonderful way to get healthier and to meet people that are very nice and friendly”

Though we can’t say that her immediate determination and incredible work ethic surprised us; she had been flourishing through life as a successful business owner by day and athlete by night.

“I always was athletic. I did yoga for 10 years, tai chi for 20 years. I played golf but the love was horses. This love of horses began when I was in holidays in Costa Rica and an Arabian horse took to me and was following me all over when he saw me. The owner wanted to give him to me but that would not have been fair because of the weather we have here in Canada. Instead, I started English saddle riding, then jumping until I had a bad accident and ruptured my spleen. Afterwards I was apprehensive to mount and that was not fair to the horse so I stopped. My husband and I had a business since 1964 and we retired about 10 years ago, what a treat to be able to do whatever you want when you want”.

Nicole may have never mounted a physical horse since but she has certainly picked herself back up in the fitness realm. Since starting the Master’s program she has made astonishing improvements in her physical fitness, and is able to do the following proudly:

  • 2:00 minute plank (on her toes from the floor!)

  • 31 box push-ups

  • 31 Bicep Curls with 8Lb DB(s)

  • 30 Lunges in a row for both legs, 60 total!

This just goes to show that age is just relative and it is all about the spirit. In Nicole’s case, her spirit is ablaze with passion, eagerness to succeed and fearlessness to take on any physical challenge that Grant can throw at her ;) We’re truly fortunate to have her in our Triforce family.

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