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B2School 10 minute BLAST

Fall is busy. Kids go back to school, people go back to work (hello, traffic)... really, everyone is trying to get back into their usual work-school-sports-extracurricular routines.

With all of these moving parts, it can be easy to put your fitness routine on hold.

However, fitness is SO important for health and for coping in times of high stress. So instead of putting it completely on hold, modify.

An easy way to modify is to shorten your workouts. Trust us, you don’t need a full hour to get your sweat on.

Don’t believe us? Try out this 10-minute workout.

For this “quick n’ dirty” workout, there are only 5 exercises. You’ll perform each exercise for 50 seconds, just taking 10 seconds in between each exercise. Once you’ve done each exercise, immediately start back at #1 and repeat.

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