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Mix n’ Match Plate Template for "Thoughtless" Meals

“Fail to plan, plan to fail.”

No matter where you are on your health journey, you’ve probably heard that saying used to highlight the importance of planning in making dietary changes.

And like most things in life, planning absolutely makes the changes easier to stick to, and usually saves time and money.

However, some people over complicate making a meal plan so much that it’s time-consuming and frustrating to maintain.

Or, some people find that jumping right into a meal plan is too rigid and overwhelming to even start.

So, in true TriForce fashion, let’s take a smaller step towards a meal plan: a meal template.

With a meal template, you don’t necessarily have to pre-plan what you’re eating – that’s the fun of it. Think of it more as a “mix n’ match” health plate.

Whether you’re packing lunch to take to work, or making your plate for supper, templates are super easy to follow. For warm dishes, grab one food in each of the following columns and throw it into a pan; for cold dishes, grab one of the following and throw it onto your plate:

For easy ways to use spices to really complete the dish, check this link out.

Of course, there are ways to make this non-meal plan-plan easier to do. For example, having meat cooked, washed and chopped veggies ready will allow following this template easier and faster to do.

Though pre-preparing foods can be tough to jump into right away.

So, simplifying again, make your supper as you usually do, just swapping other foods if they’re not found on the chart. Then, as you’re making your plate, take an extra serving and plop it right into a food container for your next day’s lunch.

And hoila, a healthy meal – or two – ready to go!

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