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TriForcer Spotlight: Joanne

Joanne, a true spitfire.

If you’ve been to our weekday classes, then you KNOW Joanne. She’s the bubbly, energetic one that’s cheering everyone on while rocking out to the tunes (her distinct tenor voice is always right on point).

We were fortunate to have met Joanne in summer 2017:

Since Tai Chi improves flexibility, reduces stiffness and help keep joints mobile, my osteopath suggested I join to help staying in shape while recovering from a knee injury. After a few weeks, I saw a pamphlet about Triforce describing a new Master's Program for improving strength and mobility, so I figured it would be beneficial to me and enrolled for the class.

Joanne found that working out with a group was the best motivation for her to keep crushing her exercise routine.

Thanks to her crazy hard work and consistency in the Master’s program, she was quickly ready for the next challenge and “graduated” to our regular evening classes.

Joanne’s positive vibes and tenacious efforts carried over.

After a brisk walk to the gym (always walking – seriously, we never knew what her car looked like until ~ 8 months in!), she’s one of the first to be ready to get moving and one of the last to stop.

In fact, if an exercise set-up takes too long, Joanne will continue doing reps far into the rest interval just to be sure that she’s given enough effort to that exercise.

It’s that kind of “show up and do work” mentality that is so contagious and rewarding… and Joanne feels it too:

I am proud of my commitment of getting in shape and just keep on doing it! I am much stronger, better control my pain and feel better than ever!

We’re always so happy to hear how much better people feel when exercising or practicing yoga. It’s especially exciting when we know that that person’s hobbies all revolve around movement. Joanne and her husband, Jules (another force to be reckon with at the gym), not only walk EVERYWHERE, but most of their favourite hobbies all involve activity too.

In particular, Joanne loves to travel, dance, go to the Casino, watch TV and feed the birds.

Really, she makes it easy for us to love having her in our community. Thanks for being so awesome Joanne!

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