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November Spotlight: Fiona


A woman of many hats. Traveling around the province with Transport Canada, furthering her massage therapy education (YUP, you read that right---we call her first available appointments!), certifying as a race pacer for racers with visual disabilities, hosting a child from Chernobyl in the summers, canoeing on ice in the winter, skateboarding to the gym… the list goes on and on.

It’s so rare to meet someone with so many diverse talents and interests. Really, it’s a testament to Fiona’s tenacity. Whatever piques her interest, she goes full-force and CRUSHES it.

Fiona is always up for trying something new, which is why she’s one of our go-to guinea pigs for new exercises or progressions—adding a weight here? Sure! Resistance band there? Okay! Jump here and here? Why not?

Even when the exercise isn’t her favourite, Fiona just puts her head down and grinds through.

TriForce workouts are fun and always different. I do enjoy training even if some exercises are not in my cup on tea!

And grinds through she does.

Although you’ll never hear it from her, Fiona is a certified #BadA$$. Not only is her fitness ability top notch (#SeriousMotivation #FullStackClub #Pull-upBoss), but so is her personality-- if that wasn’t already evident by her compassionate hats that she wears.

Others find that Fiona is a source of positivity, support, and serious motivation. Fiona feels that energy from others in our community.

While we think Fiona could just look in the mirror for some motivation, we also know that our community is the absolute BEST. When asked what her favourite part about TriForce was, she didn’t hesitate:

The people, the wonderful community. The coaches with their amazing workouts and encouraging words to everyone at any time.

In fact, some of her favourite memories with us include the TriForce Fam:

  • Suffering – errr “having fun” with the Saturday crew outside in the park with Grant’s infamous Superhero workouts

  • Unwinding alongside the TriForce yogis by the water with Brooke’s park yoga

  • Celebrating her 40th birthday with Marjorie at the gym as Marjorie celebrated her 80th birthday

Now, when we think of some favourite memories we have of Fiona, it’s easy to get lost in her impressive fitness accomplishments, infectious laugh or intriguing adventures (especially when she takes us along for the ride – we won’t ever forget our first ice canoeing); but one that stands out happened recently.

During a tough workout, Fiona was asked how she was doing. Her response: “My best. I’m doing my best.”


That humble determination left us in awe.

It’s no wonder why she’s such an inspiration and loved by everyone who is fortunate to cross paths with her.

Fiona, thank you for being a part of our family -- you rock! <3

#Community #Spotlight

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