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2018: A Year In Review

Two thousand eighteen.


What a year:

-We ran our first full-length online-only Kickstart Program in January. Proceeds from this super fun challenge went towards a new toy, a dual pulley cable system, that has quickly become everyone's favourite gym equipment

- We showed off our artistry with two paint nights (boy, are we getting good!)

- Enjoyed the beautiful outdoors with some snowshoeing, hiking, picnics, Park Fitness and yoga by the water

- Celebrated Christmahanakwanza, Easter and Thanksgiving by giving back to our community with food-donation classes (your generosity never ceases to amaze us)

- Were privileged to watch two amazing TriForcers tie the knot <3

- Went all out on our TriForce #Swag (you guys are too funny)

- Crushed another Dead End Race (our 3rd year doing so!)

- Suffered----- errr had a ball being on the receiving end of a TriForce workout. Hands-down the most creative and fun workout we had all year! They sure gave us a taste of our own medicine, as you can see pictured here with Coach Anne making sure those push-ups weren't too easy!

- Turned 3 years old!

Looking back, we couldn't of asked for a better year and have YOU to thank for it. Our little TriForce family would not be what it is today without incredible, kind and caring people in it.

Thank you for all the support, love and laughs.

We can't wait to see what this year brings, though we have a feeling it will include lots of laughs and sweat.

Here's to another year and 365 opportunities to make it the best year yet!

<3 Brooke, Jenn and Grant


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