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Member Spotlight: Cindy

The mysterious woman upstairs.

We remember when she first moved upstairs. Right away we knew she was someone we wanted to get to know, but boy it was hard at first!

With a pep in her step and constant smile on her face, she seemed to always be moving on a mission. Up, down. Up, down. She definitely gets her stair steps daily!

Of course we chatted in passing, however it was clear that she was juggling 32908457868 things. We had resolved to follow her on social media to keep up with and idolize her work ethic from a distance.

And then it happened:

Mon fils allait au KungFu. Je n’avais pas de temps à perdre à l’attendre… alors j’ai joins l’utile à l’agréable. Anyway, je savais que je devais me trouver une activité que pour moi… et voilà!


The mysterious woman became Cindy as we know her: charismatic, caring, attentive, and incredibly hardworking.

Cindy works out like she runs her business, with meticulous purpose. Through her own determination, she has progressed to heavier and heavier weights, higher jumps, and faster movements. She loves how its made her feel in her day-to-day activities:

Je monte les marches d’escaliers le matin sans avoir mal, sans avoir les hanches qui bloquent, et avec aisance et les jambes droites. My whole body feels much-much younger.

In fact, she has a TriForce tank that sums up her #BadA$$ness that says: Chuck Norris made me do it. And we know he only made her do it because it’s something he, Chuck Norris himself, couldn’t do!

Seriously, can you feel the energy just oozing from this amazing woman?!

And although her movement grace can be intimidating (her figure skating days are still alive and well with every jump and single leg RDL she does! It's so beautiful...), Cindy will be one of the first ones to crack a joke and laugh in class and go out of her way to make newcomers feel right at home.

We aren’t the only ones who agree. Cindy’s powerful energy inspires everyone who’s lucky enough to come to classes with her there.

So yeah, it’s clear that Cindy is a rockstar in the gym and in her business. But if you didn’t know, she’s also a world rockstar. Cindy dives head-first into community-focused programs and social initiatives. She’s active in any municipal planning for revitalizing her neighbourhood to ensure it will best serve the community and participates in various seminars and conferences.

And if there's a hole that needs to be filled? She'll fill it. For example, she casually opened a second graphic design business in her hometown, hours away, the other month because of the need – so bada$$.

PLUS, she’s working on a very cool two-part project that will kickstart the health and professional environment of Roxboro… stay tuned!

With all of her businesses and projects, she’s happy that she found a place that jives with her vibe and crazy schedule:

Hey, I’m still coming twice a week and still enjoying it after year and half!

Ça ne m’est jamais arrivé avec les autres gyms.

Why she's still enjoying?

TriForce is like a chocolate box. You never know the routine you will have to do… or where you will feel it in next day.

Cindy, you aren’t the only one that is happy that you’ve found a fitness fam, you da best <3.

And PS, thanks for writing our new one-liner descriptor of TriForce!

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