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Member Spotlight: Nadia

Nadia joined our TriForce family for two reasons:

Starting Triforce was an initiative to get in better shape, but it was also a great occasion to spend a little more time with my wonderful son! (Guess who?)

*Cough* Olivier *Cough*

…though her actual family within TriForce will grow even bigger soon when Olivier and Coach Brooke’s tie the knot this August, 2019!

And really, what better way to get into shape than having your family right there beside you.

I really appreciate the friendly atmosphere, the community spirit and the relaxed but very professional guidance from our coaches. An example of the community spirit: during the 2017 spring flooding, while I was away at a meditation retreat, the Triforce team along with other people came to my house to protect it with sand bags! I will be forever grateful.

We are very fortunate to have such caring people in our community who are truly just a phone call away. And Nadia is no exception. She has been a huge TriForce supporter from our very first 10-week fitness program to Brooke’s very first yoga class. In fact, when she’s not travelling, she rarely misses a yoga session. Her calm and positive energy brings serenity and peace to every class—which is greatly missed by all when she’s away!

But when she’s away from the gym, she stays focused on her health. Tai Chi, yoga, meditation retreats and getting outdoors are just some of the things Nadia stay centered and strong.

In summer I love kayaking on Rivière des Prairies. Sometimes on lucky days I discover water lilies hidden in a cove and it’s like a little miracle... The silence, the beauty, the stillness... for me this is pure joy.

Truly, she’s mastered the art of daily gratitude, intention and mindfulness, which transcends into her yoga practice. Nadia sets a strong example for others, especially new yogis, by taking her time to appreciate each pose, checking her form, and listening to (and respecting) how her body feels that day.

This purposeful movement and consistency has paid off. Now she’s stronger overall and can do a headstand (seriously impressive!).

When I started I had cramps in my thighs as soon I would do squats. Now I can do the goddess pose in yoga and I feel strong. I really find that this pose can have a positive effect: discovering that there is a powerful force residing within the feminine archetype.

Ahh, that humbleness and genuine appreciation for life is ridiculously contagious and inspiring. Thank you Nadia for bringing such a powerful, serene vibe to our family—you are a rockstar <3

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