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Egg Hunt Workout

If you grew up celebrating Easter, you know that THE best part about Easter is the morning egg hunt --- errrr, actually the best part was finding more eggs than your brothers! Hehehe

In spirit, we’ll be challenging you to your very own “Egg hunt”. Grab a deck of cards, Jokers included, and drop them on the ground. Begin the timer and pick up a card. Its suit dictates which exercise you do for 20sec. A joker is the “Golden Egg”. If you find this card, pick one of your all-time favourite exercises (which can be a stretch too!) to do for 20sec. See how fast you can complete the pick-up, resting between card pulls as you need.

Want an extra challenge? Do each card pull for 30 seconds OR for 10 reps.

#AthomeWorkout #fitness #Body

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