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TriForcer Spotlight: Sue

It’s 6am. The sun is still sleeping – heck, you’re still sleeping! You could hear a pin drop. In the distance you start to hear it: A hearty, warming laugh.

Who could be laughing at this time? You groggily think to yourself.

Then you see it: big pearly whites grinning from ear to ear. You can’t help but join, it’s impossible to ignore the positive energy that suddenly flowed into the room.

And just like that, you know Sue has arrived for Breakfast Club.

The feel-good vibes keep rolling. In between smiling and laughter, Sue comes to play ball (and not the same ball that she smashes every Tuesday night against Jenn and Ellen). She’s always up for a new challenge, the next progression and truly gives it her all each workout – WITH perfect hair that is work-ready throughout (seriously impressed).

It’s no wonder that she gets results. Some of her highlights include that she can now do push-ups without any modifications (!!) and that she gets to share her victories with her partner, Stephane.

Somehow you’ve managed to get my partner to join and continue to go. And he actually likes it.

We can’t blame him, if you’re going to do something you’re not fond of, there’s no better person to do it with! Sue exudes openness, kindness and support. Having that kind of environment to push yourself and test your boundaries is so important, especially to Sue. In fact, her favourite aspect of the gym is:

The people. It’s not a gym. It’s a great experience. And people getting together to exercise.

In particular, she credits another member, Darlene, as one of her motivators.

Darlene is an amazing influence on me. And what keeps me going are the people that make this place what it is. I always walk out feeling great. It’s so much more than a workout.

If you didn’t know, Darlene and Ellen are essentially our marketing team and a strong reason why our community is so kicka$$ -- they bring all of their incredible friends and family to our little family. Sue is a perfect example.

Thank you guys for bringing Sue to us. We couldn’t have asked for a better addition to our community, particularly our mornings—and especially cold, Winter mornings. Our little heater can’t provide the same amount of warmth as Sue’s enthusiasm and positivity. if you could just get her to switch volleyball teams (boo Aces, go Team TriForce!), everything would be perfect :P

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