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TriForcer Spotlight: Diane

Diane joined the TriForce family two summers ago looking to re-gain some strength. Her years of activity - hiking, skiing, biking, snowshoeing, to name a few! – planted a strong foundation, but her crazy shift work at Environment Canada made it tough to make any classes. So, Diane started with online training so she could squeeze in a workout when her schedule permitted.

My doctor suggested to do more strength training as I was complaining to her that I was losing my muscles. I discovered TriForce via the Tai-Chi Centre. I started with individual sessions and moved on with the group as I really enjoy the community spirit of the gym and the professionalism of the coaches.

Fun fact: Diane was one of our first online training clients! Online training can be a godsend for those with wicked schedules like Diane, but it requires a lot of self-motivation and determination. Even with call, email or text check-ins, it’s ultimately up to you to schedule in a workout, show up, put in the work and *PUSH* yourself. After all, “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.”

And boy did Diane push! Every week she reported using more weight, doing more reps. Eventually she was able to squeeze in a Friday FMS class – ON TOP of her 4x weekly workouts and pilates sessions.

We were so happy when Diane was able to join us in-person. Not only was her work ethic an added inspiration, but her soft but powerfully positive vibe brought a ray of happiness to the class– there really aren’t too many people who take on the discomfort of muscle burn with as big of a smile and fun laugh as Diane. In fact, Diane has never uttered a complaint during a workout. EVER. That speaks to her awesome attitude and resiliency.

Now that she’s retired, we’re fortunate to be able to see her an extra day at the gym and for all our outdoor outings. Fun story: for both of snowshoeing events at Bois-de-Liesse, Diane and her husband joined us… after walking ~40min to meet us!

Diane’s active lifestyle coupled with her hard work has helped her reach new goals. During a wall-sit challenge for chocolate (the best kind of motivation hehe), she was pleasantly surprised with how long she held it. Plus, she’s proud to say she can now hold a perfect plank for well over a minute. And we’re sure that all of her gym gains have directly translated to even more exploratory miles on all her travels!

Wherever your next adventure takes you Diane, we’re so grateful to be a part of your journey <3

Diane enjoying the deserts of Peru

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