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TriForcer Spotlight: Justine

The name Justine is associated with fairness, righteous and justice.

And while we normally ignore these ancient meanings, this is one definition that could not be more accurate.

We actually met Justine *BEFORE* the gym opened. Coach Brooke and Jenn had this crazy idea to start a small, non-profit gym in a tiny room off of the Roxboro Community Center. Armed with passion for our cause, the owner of the Center, Sergio Arione, suggested that we reach out to leaders in our community to learn more about resources available to make our dream come true.

So we sent out emails, not really expecting any of these busy public officials to have time to respond. We were pleasantly surprised (and a little fangirl shocked) when Justine not only replied, but wanted to meet for coffee.

We left that hour-plus meeting with a crazy fire lit underneath us that we could do anything, sparked by learning how Justine does just that: have an idea to better her community, and then goes and does it.

It was incredible how energizing it was listening to her causes and what she’s doing about them. She cares about the environment. So she helps lead meetings with various new start-ups and non-profits discussing innovative ways we can alter our carb footprint. She cares about equality. So she served on a committee board for our neighbours, Fonds de L’Ouest de L’ile, for years and ran for political office so she can evoke legislation and urban planning change for the Roxboro area. She volunteers at as many fundraising, relief or social action events as humanly possible (seriously, ask about her schedule!). All this PLUS being a mom and superstar role model to her three teenagers.

In fact, right now she's stepping up to run for the Liberal Party as (hopefully) our next MP! More information here.

Whatever cause it is, Justine dives head first into it – “walks the talk” so to speak.

And the gym is no exception.

Since day 1, Justine has brought her “A” game to the gym, no matter her hectic week.

I guess what I'm really proud of is sticking with it and coming back for more, through rain or shine, good days or bad, I always walk out feeling better than I did when I walked in.

Hearing our folks say that they are “feeling better than when I walked in” – is our #1 favourite compliment to get. Being surprised of how amazing truly powerful they is our second favourite.

I didn't think I'd ever be able to do chin-ups! (The elastic band helps haha!)

Her consistency, effort and contagious positive vibe and smile inspire that class to push harder, in and outside the gym. It’s hard not to feel better after a workout, even a soul-sucking one, when you’re surrounded by so much happiness and support.

We credit this vivacious atmosphere to our members. Without you guys, and the awesome people you encourage to join you, we wouldn’t be anything like we are today. In this case, we can thank Cindy.

I'd known about Triforce for some time, but it was when I had an evening meeting with another Triforcer, she scheduled it for after her workout so I said: Hey, can I tag along for that part? And I've been hooked ever since! I love the attitude-free environment. Everyone is there to give it their best, and we encourage and congratulate each other. There's a real sense of community and the coaches are a big part of that.

Justine, you were inspirationally with us since ground zero. Thank you for being you and uplifting everyone around you.

We look forward to where we can take our community together!

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