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Meet Chelsea: Our August Yoga Teacher

Chelsea met Brooke years ago on the ice and in the classroom during their McGill Education undergrad. Like Brooke, she's a high school teacher, incredibly athletic, passionate and caring. A globetrotter, she's been all over the world.

In her spare time, she fights for human rights and is an ambassador for Cystic Fibrosis Canada. As someone with cystic fibrosis, she's been a leader in fighting for novel therapeutic access for all in Quebec (see her work pushing the government to cover Orkambi here). You can follow her inspiring journey on her instagram (@chelseacgagnon).

Chelsea completed her yoga training after she fell in love with how her practice positively impacted her life. She teaches Vinyasa-style yoga, also known as flow yoga, that uses breath work to mediate movement, gentle stretching and a touch of pose holds for low-impact muscle strengthening. This dynamic style acknowledges the temporary nature of life and aims to keep moving in and out of different postures with intention, something that transcends into living a more "in-the-now", intentional life.

We're so thankful that you're able to continue Brooke's yoga classes while she's gone (the heavens above know we need our twice-weekly zen sessions!). Can't wait for everyone to meet you!

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