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TriForcer Spotlight: Nicole

“TriForce is more than a gym, it's a place where you get cheerful for your achievements and where you meet with a fantastic gang of positive people.”

These incredibly kind words, from one of THE most joyful, kind-hearted women we are blessed to know.

Nicole is neighbours with Darlene (our unofficial, unpaid marketing intern hehe), who encouraged her to check us out – there’s a reason why “Darlene made me do it” has been bestowed on more than one TriForce swag:

“This is Darlene’s fault - of course. I also heard on radio and on a TV documentary that as you age you are losing your muscle cells or part of them - they are being replaced by fat. That's why old people fall: there is not enough good muscles to hold them together (bones) sort of and I as feel responsible for my health, I try to put the chances on my side.”

Now, Nicole is a very active person. We often see her around the city biking to various stores, gardening and walking multiple dogs *at one time* -- we’re talking up-to 6 dogs here! So when she came to us explaining that this type of weight-training is new to her, we weren’t surprised how naturally it all came to her.

In a relatively short amount of time, Nicole has made seriously impressive strength gains (hello 55lbs bench press and over 70lbs deadlift!) and always, always does it with a smile.

These fast results are partly due to her consistent hard work and partly due to her easygoing attitude. We’ve lost count at how many times Nicole went to a new station and continued with the weight that was left from the previous person jus to try it, not realizing that it’s 20-30lbs more weight than she did last time. And no matter how tough the new weight is, she perseveres!

Too, she’s noticed that it’s easier and easier to move just her bodyweight:

“In the Jacknife position I'm now able to lift up my shoulders from the ground, WHOW! I'm still working on the all so many types of TriForce push-up, and one day... Oh! one day...”

Moreover, her vivacious love for life and others is infectious. If Nicole thinks she has something to help you– with anything – she will bring it to you: offering special ginger lozenges for sore throats (she always has extra in her purse to share), bringing extra lavender spritz to ensure everyone can fully energize in yoga, sharing a healthy snack cookbook for new recipe ideas, taking extra time to help clean up the gym or setting up before a class… the list of her generosity is endless.

“Every time I leave the gym, I am very proud of myself for the good hour of workout I shared with the pros.”

Nicole, every time you leave the gym, you leave us all with a bigger smile and happier mood. Thank you for being so amazing!

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