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 Meet Our Team!

The TriForce Story
TriForce started about 20 years ago, when we first met at our babysitter’s house. We’ve always shared a passion for an active, healthy lifestyle through sports and trying out new recipes (even to the point of catching the microwave on fire!). After going through schooling, in different concentrations, we’ve decided that our true passion lies in helping others achieve what we have: health and happiness. That is why we want to offer top-of-the-line preventative health services in nutrition and physical and mental health at an affordable cost—we want to ensure that everyone who wants to make a positive change in their life has the ability to do so. Our goal is to create a facility that offers services for all components of health and well-being, and cultivate a community of healthy and happy individuals!




Brooke Singleton


Brooke has always been great with kids. Seeing as she’s still a kid at heart, it was no surprise when she went to school at McGill University right here in Montreal for teaching in kindergarten-elementary education. There she continued growing her passion for health through playing numerous recreational sports and working out at the school’s gym. In the summers, Brooke was in charge of running a day camp through the Roxboro Community Center for kids ages 4-14. Her enthusiastic and engaging methods catalyzed the growth of the day camp, swelling each group to 50 campers —though the numbers are not what is the most important to her. Brooke’s measure of success is watching the kids return year after year, enjoying the camp so much that they want to become counsellors and create the same experience for others. This camper continuum aligns with her belief that creating a community environment lays the foundation for individuals to reach their full potential. TriForce shares this belief and prioritizes creating a community environment.


Brooke entered the teaching field for a year and decided that she is able to make a larger impact in students’ lives through tutoring and day camp. This career change also allows her to combine her two passions of teaching and health.  Now CanFitPro PTS certified and  Kidding Around yoga certified, she’s excited to help others achieve their goals!

Jenn Nedow, MSc


Identifying as a tomboy from a young age, Jenn grew up playing as many sports as she could. When she was forced to choose her top sport, hockey led her to Brown University, an Ivy League school in Providence, RI, USA. As an undergraduate student, Jenn pursued a BA in Health and Human Biology with a focus on International Health and Education while playing on the varsity hockey team, which she captained with another player in her final year. In her spare time, she played club volleyball and joined various school clubs that focused on different aspects of health. Jenn interned with Brown’s Strength and Conditioning department and learned from the best about the other side of the coaching and training that she’s been receiving throughout her athletic career. As a result, her programming is strongly influenced by athletic training methods. Volunteering with Clinica Esperanza/ Hope Clinic, she helped open a free nurse-run clinic for the uninsured in the local area. The success of the clinic was a testament to the volunteer efforts, but also made her realize how our society treats health: a commodity. This realization sparked her drive to ensure all health services are accessible to everyone in the community. TriForce puts our members first, profits second. Our success will be measured by how many lives we can change through simple preventative methods.


From here, Jenn continued learning more about the human body in the Biotechnology MSc program at Brown.  Graduated, she is looking to go back to school for osteopathy so that she can provide the best quality services to our community.

Grant Overcashier


Hailing from Flint, MI, Grant has lovingly become the "tough love" coach-- especially for our ladies on the bench press ;)


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