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The TriForce Story
TriForce started about 20 years ago, when Brooke and Jenn first met at their babysitter’s house. They've always shared a passion for an active, healthy lifestyle through sports and trying out new recipes (even to the point of catching the microwave on fire!). After going through schooling, in different concentrations, they've decided that their true passion lies in helping others achieve what they have: health and happiness.
That is why TriForce strives to offer top-of-the-line preventative health services in nutrition, physical and mental health at an affordable cost—we want to ensure that everyone who wants to make a positive change in their life has the ability to do so. Our goal is to create a facility that offers services for all components of health and well-being, and cultivate a community of healthy and happy individuals-- WELCOME! 






Brooke Singleton


Experience: BSc in Education, McGill University '14

                      RYT 200 hour Yoga Certification- Yoga Alliance

                      CanFitPro Personal Training Specialist, 2015-2016

                      Kidding Around Yoga Certification, 2015-2016

Why become a health coach? Being a health coach gives me an opportunity to contribute back to my community. I also like the challenge of changing the stigma of what is means and takes to be 'fit'.

Training style/ specialties:

-General population

-Yoga (adults and children)

What do you love about TriForce? So many things! I especially love our TriForce community- everyone is so welcoming and supportive of others. #triforcefamily

Quick Fit Tip? Reward your body and move EVERY day! Whether that means taking a walk, a TriForce class, yoga or running after your children!

Fav foods? Salmon with my speciality salsa: avocado, mango, tomato, lime juice and pepper 

Hobbies outside TriForce?  Anything outdoors (rollerblading, hiking, etc) and teaching my elementary students


Jenn Nedow, MSc


Experience: BA Health and Human Biology, Brown University '14

                      MSc in Biotechnology, Brown University '15

                      Precision Nutrition, Level 1, 2017

                      Strength and Conditioning Intern, Brown University, 2014

                      Badminton Strength Conditioning Coach, Wheeler High School, 2014

                      Wrestling Training Advisor, Moses Brown High School, 2013-2016

                      D1 hockey player, captain senior year, Brown University, 2010-2014

Why become a health coach? Preventative health is vital to the quantity and QUALITY of life, however it's currently treated as a commodity. Information or gyms that are affordable can leave folks confused, unmotivated and stuck. I want to be a helping hand to show people that achieving the health and lifestyle they want is easy, affordable AND enjoyable! 

Training style/ specialties: 

- Strength and conditioning, particularly related to athletic performance

-Fat Loss 

What do you love about TriForce? The community and self-realizations. No matter the day, I always leave with a BIG smile on my face-- which is even bigger when people realize how truly able and powerful they are. Nothing like incredibly surprised and excited faces after hitting a heavier weight or performing a new exercise they never thought they would ever be able to do!

Quick Fit Tip? Find a way of moving and eating that you ENJOY.

Fav foods? Anything I can dip: chips+ dip, veggies+ hummus, meat+ mashed potatoes, fruit+ peanut butter- cocoa powder spread

Hobbies outside TriForce?  Eating Grant's newest food creation, sports- hockey, [beach] volleyball, basketball; hiking, travel (well, dreaming about traveling)

Grant Overcashier

Strength Coach

Experience: BA Health and Human Biology, Brown University '13

                     CanFitPro Personal Training Specialist

                     Personal Training for Seniors Level 1 (Fall Prevention)

                     Head Wrestling Coach, Moses Brown High School 2013-2016

                     D1 Wrestler, Brown University, 2008-2013

Why become a health coach? After working as a medical scribe in the ER, I saw first hand how important simple, quality preventative care is on health outcome. Coupled with my love for athletics, promoting preventative health through fitness and nutrition is a dream come true. 

Training style/ specialties: My style of training is a mixture of "Tough Love"  and laughter ^_^.  My main specialties are flexibility and barbell strength training.

What do you love about TriForce? The family atmosphere! It is such a joy to have conversations with our members. The strength training accompanied with "community" atmosphere makes Triforce such unique place.

Quick Fit Tip? Training with a friend is the best way to keep yourself both motivated and accountable for reaching your goals.

Fav foods? Steak, veggies and hummus-Yum!

Hobbies outside TriForce? Cooking, [soon-to-be-more] traveling and going on hikes! 


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