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Clients of the Summer

As you may or may not know, TriForce was busy scaling walls and monkeying around on monkey bars over the summer. On June 25th, we slushed through mud at the Mud Hero obstacle course in St-Bruno, QC. The next day, a group of 13 TriForcers tackled the Dead End Race in Ste-Cecile. Both races were a ton of fun with amazing folks.

In particular, we would like to highlight the Mud Hero Race that we completed with two of our TriForcers Pam Carson and Reed McPhail.

This race was the end result of MONTHS of hard-work. They've been coming to us twice a week since fall 2015, always ready to sweat and push themselves. Relatively new to exercising, they've since mastered the basics and are tackling new exercises that we throw at them with incredible determination. It's so motivating to watch them crank out a couple more pull-ups and push more weight each week-- no wonder they leave us with such a big smile on our face after their sessions!

We are truly blown away by the progress that these two have made, and are looking forward to helping them reach their next big goal. You can check out their journey here.

Awesome job Pam and Reed. Keep it up!

PS- A HUGE shout-out goes to Gilbert Deziel for the footage and compilation of Pam and Reed's Mud Hero prep.

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