August 2, 2019

August 2, 2019

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August 29, 2018

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September Madness: In the midst of change, don't...

August 31, 2017

In the midst of change, don’t…




Fall is a busy time of year. Vacations are over, kids are being sent back to school, and everyone is trying to “get back to routine”—i.e. try to juggle 10-million commitments, sporting events, extracurriculars and the regularities of work and house upkeep.


Many people use this sudden fall-schedule shift to also mix up their health goals; which makes sense, I mean, since you’re changing so much already, what’s another few things on the To-Do list?


Our suggestion, DON’T--- we know, we know; hear us out.


It’s been shown many times over again that making several radical changes at once only has about a 20% success rate. In fact, a measly 3% of all North Americans follow government guidelines of the most basic four habits for a healthy life:

  1. Don’t smoke tobacco.

  2. Exercise 5 times a week for 30min

  3. Eat 5 servings of fruits OR vegetables a day.

  4. Maintain a healthy body weight.

Now mix in all those other possible habits like lean proteins, sleep quantity and quality, stress management or kissing a neon pink toad under a full moon (ß okay, that last one was just a joke). It’s no wonder that people find weight loss and improving their health so difficult, and why it’s incredibly common that folks abandon their health goals during busy times.


If we had a nickel for every time we’ve heard, “This isn’t a good time, I’ll start once x, y, z settles down…”


The truth is, change is purposefully disruptive—but it doesn’t have to be so disruptive that it feels like a chore.


SO, with all that said, what do we propose?


Obviously, we encourage and want to support any and all efforts towards a healthier, happier life—and we want these changes to be as simple and effortless as possible.


Therefore, for the month of chaos-laden schedule change, we propose that instead of making any major  changes while other things- usually beyond your control- are disruptively changing, SPOTLIGHT a habit that you’ve already implemented and