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February Client of The Month: Chandra

Chandra is a full-time working mom of 2 (well, 3 if you count her husband Gary :P), and a soccer enthusiast.

Chandra first came to us out of convenience; her kids are heavily involved in the Centre’s Kung Fu and kid’s yoga. She started with just the classes that aligned with her kids’ activities, and now comes 4-5 times per week!

With that kind of frequency, we’ve been able to have a lot of great memories with Chandra. One memorable moment was this past summer when a group of TriForcers took on the Dead End Race. This obstacle course boasted over 40 obstacles in 6km, with numerous walls and climbing stunts-- including running up and over a half pipe at the very end! We’ll never forget Chandra’s smile after the race, in shock at the things she was able to do during the race: climb walls, carry heavy objects… though we never doubted her for one second.

Her tenacity and willingness to push herself has