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June Client Spotlight: Pam

Pam, on the left, with her daughter, Chandra, on the right.

Pam came to us already well along her health journey; she had lost over 60lbs on her own accord, just by implementing and maintaining some changes in her diet-- incredible.

Since joining us in January, she’s participated in two “Fat Fighter” programs. Incorporating these weekly workouts to her changes helped catalyze her progress. Amazingly she has:

  • Lost over 10lbs

  • Lost over 10 inches

  • Doubled upper body strength in push-ups, now performing them from a lower incline

  • Tripled her lower body strength in the wall-sit

  • Tripled her core strength in the plank, now holding the plank from her toes!

Aside from these impressive results, Pam has been such an influential presence in TriForce. She’s positive, consistent and determined, still showing up to classes with a work-related injury, looking for ways to keep moving around it. When she can’t come, she makes sure to go for a long walk or, creatively, will purposely get off the bus at an earlier stop to have a longer walk home.

Moreover, Pam helps keep everyone motivated during class-- especially her daughter Chandra. Chandra can’t get away with half reps or light weights when Pam is around!

AND on top of that, Pam is a chef. TriForce’s personal chef Grant has been able to learn a recipe and trick or two, much to the benefit of the whole TriForce fam…

Thanks for being you Pam, you’re awesome!

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