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June Spotlight: Sue

Beep beep beeeeeeeep.

The beautiful sound of an early wake-up permeates the room. For many of us Breakfast Clubbers, the wake-up comes minutes before our 6:15am class start—truly, it’s amazing how fast we can all get up and at ‘er in the morning!

And not just wake-up and roll-out of bed. Wake-up, roll-out and CRUSH it.

Sue, a regular AMer, is no exception to crushing it. She’s just one of those go-getter folks.

As a lover of the great outdoors, Sue wears many hats: providing one-on-one help to special needs high school students as an Integration Aide, advocating for the preservation of Montreal’s green spaces (particularly L’Anse-a-L’Orme), maintaining lush home AND community gardens—to name just a few -- all while being a busy mom of two.

In fact, her son is how we were afforded the privilege of meeting Sue.

“The first class I did at TriForce was in Roxboro Park. Ryan told me his buddy's sister was starting an exercise group in the park and that I should go with him. I loved exercising outside so I was immediately interested.”

But we didn’t get ahold of Sue right away.

“I was already a member at another gym so I waited until that membership was over to join TriForce. It was hard at first because I had to break up with my gym partner of 9 years (she could not come to Roxboro to work out at 6:15 am!) but we have both replaced our gym memberships with other gyms and we still work out together 3 days a week at work. That's who holds me accountable to my schedule.”

That kind of impressive commitment to exercise coupled with her go-with-the-flow-don’t-say-no attitude towards new exercises or heavier weight is exactly why Sue is such a BEAST. She’s one step away from cranking out unaided pull-ups, and recently was the newest addition to our big 5-0 lbs club – on dumbbell bench press!

This intensity for progress is reflective in her social causes. Sue is an active advocate in numerous environmental efforts to preserve nature parks and its inhabitants, or implement more environmentally-friendly and sustainable developments and transportation, or a plethora of other Earth- and health-first initiatives.

Humanitarian. Compassionate. Kind-hearted. Resident bad-A$$ -- we are so lucky to have Sue with us!

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