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TriForcer Spotlight: Christiane & Réjean

TriForce started its Master’s program in June of 2017... and Christiane and Réjean have been with us since June of 2017.

Nous avons commencé avec Triforce parce que pour nous c'est important de demeurer en forme et actifs le plus longtemps possible. Car Réjean avec son opération au cerveau et sa paralysie avait grandement besoin d'une remise en forme.

Now, as you know, fitness and health are all about giving: giving time to workout, giving effort and consistency to improve, giving yourself adequate nourishment and giving time to recover.

Based on that, Christiane and Réjean are rockstar givers. Since day 1, they have been consistent and determined, minor setbacks and all. So it comes as no surprise that both of them have made awesome progress.

Tous les deux, nous avons fait du progrès, nos jambes et nos bras sont plus forts et nous avons une meilleure coordination et un meilleur équilibre. Cependant il ne faut pas lâcher car notre forme physique se perd très rapidement. Voilà, notre motivation de continuer.

In addition to the improvement in strength and balance, their hard work in both TriForce classes and their Tai Chi classes have allowed them to regain lost mobility. Christiane is at full-squat range – nothing can stop her now!

J'essaie de sortir le plus souvent de ma zone de confort et de relever de petits défis.

And you know she’s pushing her comfort zone when she has her very own burpee variation, the “Christiane Burpee”. Yes, you read that right: Christiane has a variation of everyone’s “favourite” exercise named after her. It involves quick feet and very active arms – we’re sure you’ll LOVE it. How cool is that?

As hard as Christiane and Réjean push themselves, they also understand the importance of listening to your body.

Triforce est bien adapté pour les personnes de notre âge, c'est progressif et Grant est à l'écoute de nos besoins et de nos petits bobos et surtout il ne nous met pas de pression, il respecte notre rythme.

This allows them to maximize their progress so they can go on more adventures together! Ain’t no mountain high enough for the ambition and passion for nature of these two.

Yet, in the end, it’s clear that Christiane and Réjean are elite givers so that they have maximal capacity to give to others. Whether its supporting family, delivering meals to the community, helping Grant with French (they’re a BIG reason why he’s gotten so good ^_^), or bringing contagious positivity and smiles to the class, we know that we’re incredibly fortunate to have Christiane and Réjean in our little community.

Thank you for being you <3

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