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June Workout: 6 weeks to 6km

Team TriForce circa 2016. Back left: Sean, Jun, James, Leona, Coach Jenn, Olivier, Chandra, Catyra, Sabrina. Front left: Coach Brooke, Catrina.

We’re about 6 weeks from our team competing in the obstacle course challenge, the Dead End Race. This course boasts over 40 obstacles in just 6km, which means action almost every stride--- our kind of race!

PS, it’s not too late to join the fun… sign up here. If you want to run with the TriForce squad, choose the 11am start time on July 15th with “Team TriForce”.

Race or not, training for a 6km is a fantastic way to challenge yourself and improve your conditioning. We’ve put together a 3-day a week running program for you to try. Now, of course, to maximize your results, we STRONGLY recommend adding/ or sticking to a strength program 1-2 days a week during this program-- we think a TriForce class or two should do the trick ;).

If you’re new to running, take your time. Start with two runs a week, opting to follow the prescribed intervals for your third workout with another conditioning exercise, such as biking, swimming, elliptical, erg, etc.

If you’re comfortable with running, make sure those “run” intervals are sprint speeds and try turning those “brisk walks” into a light jog as your active recovery.

Let’s get to it!

*As always, perform a 5-10min warm-up prior to any workout and a 5-10min stretch and cool-down afterwards.*

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