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April "Make it rain" Workout

“April Showers bring May Flowers”

Let’s plant your fitness seeds NOW -- trust us, you’ll thank yourself later ;). In the spirit of Spring Showers, let’s MAKE IT RAIN!

This workout is 28 minutes (not including warm-up or cool-down). Once you start, you don’t stop. It alternates between strength and conditioning exercises. Adapt your pace if you’re feeling gassed, but the goal is to keep moving!

We’ll start with 60 sec intervals of each exercise. Again, do 60 sec of exercise #1, then move immediately into exercise #2 for 60 sec… etc. Once you’ve done all of the exercises, return immediately to exercise #1 and repeat each exercise for 50 sec...etc. We start at 60 sec each exercise and drop by 10 sec each round to end at 10 sec each exercise.

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