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“Hey June, don’t be afraid. We’re ready to work out and go get her!”

Summer is officially here and that means the annual Dead End Race is just around the corner. “We can work it out” and prepare for the race by rocking out with this Beatlemania classic program series.

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This workout takes 28 minutes to complete (not including warm-up or cool-down). Begin with Series A and in order both alphabetically and numerically follow the exercises (A-D, 1-3). Friendly reminder, take rest in between each series (* maybe listen to a beatle song classic while your at it!). For those preparing for the dead end race, increase the duration of time 5 seconds each exercise every week. This will increase the total workout duration 5 minutes per week.

Format: 5 rounds x 3 exercises: 30 sec rest after completion of each round

15 sec work (exercise #1) - 30 sec work (exercise #2) - 15 sec work (exercise #3)

PS- Yes, the title of this workout and each exercise are based on Beatles songs. See here for the accompanying playlist!

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